Our Company & About Us


Our Company:

Welcome to Patyrn.com, where you will find unique and creative designs to showcase your passions and artistic side. We pride ourselves on being different, delivering unique protection and customized designs for affordable prices!

At Patyrn, we cater to the individual that doesn’t want to follow trends, and yearns to walk the line.  At Patyrn we bring about styles that are not often seen, ideas that are not often thought of, and our inspiration comes from a variety of life’s experiences and adventures.


About Us:

Hi, I'm Michael. And as the founder of Patyrn.com, one aspect of my life is that I never felt like I fit into a specific category of people. In high school, I never found myself in any clique. I befriended everyone, I played sports with the popular kids, played dungeons and dragons with the “nerds”, loved to do science experiments, and appreciated all the different interests of what life had to offer. I feel that way about art. When I have an idea in my head, I design from my heart. 

When it comes to our Patyrns, we follow the same rule. We like to design for all types of occasions and styles, so you can feel confident knowing that the design you pick, well - we made it just for you!