Did you know LG was called Lucky Goldstar? Weird right? Speaking of weird, aren't you weird that you don't want an iPhone or Samsung? Nope, you are unique and look for specs and performance, and not just popularity. You are probably the kind of person that likes to do things differently. We at Patyrn.com also like to do things differently, and we  have a lot of LG cases available for our nonconformist customers. All the way back to 2014, we have the LG G3, and the LG G4. The LG G5 Phone cases have been a hit, and the most latest and greatest, the LG G6. We want to make sure that we can provide cases for those who don't conform, and choose to follow a different path then the herd. All of our designs are available for LG phone cases, and ready to customize and personalize.
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