What Does the Future Hold?

What Does the Future Hold?

The Future

By Eddy Tulip


Insanely high skyscrapers, endless flying cars, paramount knowledge of the universe, and a utopia of peace within our galaxy amongst all species. This is what the general idea of what the future might hold. As a kid, future movies were my favorite genre, because there was nothing more exciting than the unknown of what’s to come, and the impossible number of routes we could take as humans on our journey. Future movies to me were an all-time favorite because when it comes to a movie, I like to feel submerged in the movie, put myself in the characters shoes and feel understanding towards all they are experiencing. The future to me was a possibility of anything, so all future movies in theory could be true, which made them all the more captivating. Demotion Man, Fifth Element, Star Wars, Blade Runner, and The Matrix are all some of my beloved movies, because it’s a world of the future, a world that’s more technological, and for me, way more exciting. We as humans love technology, anytime something new comes out, it tends to take over our entire world. The TV comes out and revolutionizes how we get our news, how information is cascaded to the masses, and how we get our entertainment. Enter in the internet, or the world wide web, and see knowledge that’s at our fingertips at all times, where we no longer need to argue something, and we can take out our tiny computers and find the answer in the moment. This in the moment information has changed our way of thinking, and in turn how we are going as humans. We no longer should follow the same school guideline of memorizing facts and getting good at recalling them in short time periods. Our future holds a new form of schooling, one in which we are taught to find information when needed, and how to implement that information in a positive way into our everyday lives. Technology since the late 90s has changed our culture so vastly, that its almost unimaginable what 20 years down the road will look like.


As the cell phone has changed the way our entire world communicates, finds information, interacts and finds relationships, the next thing to change our world I believe will be virtual reality. Virtual reality can take over our senses, change how we watch movies, experience video games, and I also think how we will have personal relationships. If virtual reality can mimic all of our true senses, can bring about an experience that cannot be discerned from our current reality, then in essence we can find all the things humans are looking for in their lifetime, within an artificial reality. We can be whomever we want in this reality, or change who we want to be at will. We can change our appearance, our sexual orientation, and our careers and live within a world of likeminded individuals all escaping a different reality, getting a second chance at life. If these virtual reality machines can mimic all senses, then when we discover someone we are interested in having a relationship with, we can feel their touch, their kiss, their warmth, and do it all without leaving our couch. Why would we reproduce if we could live in a world free of responsibility, disease, and any regret whatsoever. If we had no fear of death, life, or even love, because we controlled every aspect of our reality. Why wouldn’t we all turn to this new reality? Why would anyone live in the reality of today where you must work all the much harder to obtain what others are getting at a click of a button.


My daily mental practice is to ponder the future and all the routes we can take. How we might join together with technology, as the neurons in our brains seem almost made to assimilate with technology. We will soon have the ability through wireless technology to speak to each other without uttering a word or moving our hands. Where we can call each other with our thoughts, and transfer our collective minds to a central computer system to predict the future and help us obtain our goals of a society together. Our collective thought can be used to rid the world of disease, poverty, totalitarianism, and end all the negatives forces together. I hope that through endless knowledge we will see the ridiculousness of wars, nuclear bombs, and religion that calls for any form of persecution. Where we realize we are one, created from a supernova star dust come together for millions of years and endless innovation to find ourselves here in the now. We all just want answers to the questions that our world seems setup to discover. Who are we, why are we here, who created us, who else is out there, and what is the bigger picture in all of this. Only the future can answer these questions.


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