The Top 12 Best Candles That Perfectly Match Your Zodiac Astrology Sign

The Top 12 Best Candles That Perfectly Match Your Zodiac Astrology Sign

 Birthdate candles can help us discover a scent that aligns with our inner connectedness too our universe. Each astrology sign can not only help us understand ourselves better, but might even help us find our most favorite scented candle.

This list is comprised of Vegan Friendly, Hand Poured Soy Candles made by They were kind enough to have us explore their insane collection of over 230 different candle’s to choose from.

The Capricorn is intelligent, Practicable, Reliable, and Persistent. When it comes to a Capricorn, we see a brilliant mind that’s connected with the world and its information. Their connection and understanding makes them brilliant writers and journalists, and for that, we see this candle as their scent of choice.

The Sunday Newspaper Candle
Scent: Actual Newspaper!

The Aquarius is unique, sociable, and fickle. They can’t be placed into a box, and they won’t conform. You can’t be put into a box, and neither can this candle (it actually does come in a really nice box). The Aquarius is exactly the kind of person who would enjoy the

Scent: Lemon, Lime, and Clementine!


Pisces are our good samaritans, our kind, friendly and overly conscious Pisces. You are very sentimental, and we love that about you. For our favorite good people, the perfect candle is 

The Good People Candle
Scent: Cinnamon, Butter, and Powdered Sugar.

The energetic, brave, adventitious Aries. They are the one’s who take the leap first. The person who blazes the trail and only turns back to make sure their friend’s are still following. The leaders who are impatient and impulsive need a candle that shouts adventure. Aries are adventure seekers, and what better an adventure then to climb into the mountains, where solitude and escape meet perseverance and beauty.

The Hiking Trail Candle
Scent: Dry Dirt, Cloudless Sky, Wildflowers, and Tree Bark

The Stubborn romantic, nobody can convince you to do anything. You are too passionate and hardworking to let anyone get in your way. You make the logical choices, and your intelligence is your source of power. You my romantic science lover, there's nothing more beautiful and scientific then space.

The Star Gaze Candle
Scent: Lilly, Mint, Black Rose and Patchouli

The Gemini is so incredibly insightful, they are quick witted, and always ready for some gossip. Maybe it’s their charm, but people want you to divulge their deepest darkest secrets to them. Nothing is more perfect for the Gemini then this.
Neighborhood Gossip
Scent: Pink 


You Cancer’s got something of a higher level happening. You have that weird six sense going on, with how kind and caring you are, you seem to always know when someone is holding in some troubling feelings. Being that you are always there to help, it makes you more sensitive to the world. All that helping is stressful, and sometimes you need to bust out the big guns when it comes to getting calm. The Aromatherapy collection has the perfect candle for you.

The Chillax Candle
Scent: Spearmint, Rose and 

Lookout when a Leo is around. They may be arrogant and conceited, but that may be because they are pretty awesome at what they do. They are loyal to their own, and downright proud of who they are. Enthusiastic and loyal, we think of a loyal food we all can fall back on when times are tough.

The Ramen Candle
Scent: Sage, Garlic, Basil, and Cumin

The Virgo is a perfectionist, and fussy about getting things done their own way. They are hard to persuade because they limit their livelihood to what they know and feel comfortable with. The Virgo is modest, and practical, and sometimes we need that practicality. When it comes to the Virgo, they tend to do things themselves, living by the motto of “if you want something done right, then you do it yourself”.
The Hardware Store Candle
Scent: Paint Mixers, Dusky Shelves, and Wooden Dowels.

The Libra is a tough cookie to crack. They are sometimes lazy, hesitant, and egotistic. This might be because they seem trapped in their heads at times. The Libra loves to be relaxed, and as most are introverted, they would rather a good movie and some couch time, then a night out on the town. This brings us to the best winter scent available to someone looking to relax and be cozy.
The Merry and Bright
Kettle Popcorn and Dried Cranberry 

The suspicious and elusive scorpio. Wrapped in mystery, independent and extremely complicated. The scorpio is a devoted friend, but only to a select few. They don’t let too many people know who they are, but if you know them, you know someone who is cloaked in mystery and wonder.
Dark and Mysterious Candle
Tobacco Sandalwood Cologne

The Sagittarius is insightful, rational, and sometimes overly optimistic. With those kinds of traits, they tend to be the dreamers, those who ask the questions nobody is asking, the people that see things from perspectives nobody else see’s. Their power is their imagination and for that.

The Imagine Candle
Scent: Rainbow Sherbet



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