Are Memories Stored in the Brain or the Universe?

My theory is simple; the brain isn’t a hard drive but a vessel to travel through time. The brain has the ability to go back in time to view the past, but since we only tend to use a very small percentage of our brains power, we can only hazily see the past and what has happened. There are a few people who have much better memories then the average person, and even fewer that have eidetic memories. A person with a eidetic memory will tell you that they can feel the past as if it happens only moments ago. If someone with a eidetic memory goes through a traumatizing event in their life, it will effect them much more then a regular person, as they can recall that memory as if it just happened. Their ability to “store” these memories is why I think that they are just better at travelling back in time to visit that part of their life’s timeline. The 6th dimension as we know it today is the line at which all possible universes are contained in one. The idea being that if we saw in the 6th dimension, we could see the past, present and future, and live where we choose. Today, our brains are not developed to see into the full 6th dimension, has the ability to see backwards, but almost as if wearing the wrong corrective lenses. The images are hazy, not all there, and limited on how we can recollect them. Those with better memories are in general just better time travelers, training their ability to travel back in time, and revisit those times in the universe. Our brains being under-developed has not even scratched the service of its ability to travel back in time to recollect the past, and even has a hard time remembering parts of the present, like where you left your keys. Being the past is so hard to travel, we can see why the future is the road least travelled by humans. We have seen people like Nostradamus rightfully predict the future, and that might in fact be that he has the ability to see within the 6th dimension. How else does the scientific community explain why people with eidetic memories have that ability? Why can’t it be reproduced? When we talk about Alzheimer’s, it could be that as the brain gets old, it has a harder and harder time viewing the 6th dimension. You can even say that when someone has brain damage and can no longer remember anything, they could have just disconnected completely the brains ability to see within the 6th dimension all together. When you think about it, our word for memories could essentially just mean travelling back in time when we finally understand it completely.
Memories seem to play their own game with no control whatsoever unless we are purposely trying to memorize. When we think of memorization, we all follow a similar style. We tend to repeat something over and over again until we can “remember” it. Carving out hours and hours of studying or running flash cards, or anything else to make sure that information is staying in your head. Is our memory working better because of the repetition? Are we tricking the brain into storing information so that we can recall it at will? We could also however be running a longer timeline of the same memory. If we can go back in time and look through the foggy window of  goggles and see the past, if we stretched out that moment of the past, we can move our head around and peer through those goggles and finally make out what we wanted to remember. By studying and spending time creating a lengthier memory, it made it easier when going back in time to view that memory altogether. Other external forced send us flying through time without our consent as well. Whether it’s a candle scent that drives you back in time, or just a completely random thought, its almost as if these memories are there, but we have no way to access them. Are we accessing them by tapping into the hard drive of our brains, or are the memories contained somewhere much more complex.
A theory exists that states matter cannot be created nor destroyed, and almost all things have matter. What that tells me is that all things that exist have matter and therefore can never not exist within the universe. In turn, memories, thoughts, feelings, emotions, all these things exist and therefore can never go away. When the human body dies, the thoughts, memories, and experiences cannot die, but can only be altered and changed within the universe. Our bodies can fertilize the earth where new life can grow and continue. Our thoughts however must move on somewhere else. This place where all thoughts and memories go I believe is within the universe and never anywhere else. Our brains are a vessel to bring the human body on a journey to find these thoughts and feelings, and when we cross back into life again, whether it be reincarnation or some other unknown way, our recollection of the past is there, but not accessible, but we feel we might have lived a past life.
In conclusion I believe instead of a single brain storing memories and feelings, our universe is essentially a cloud. A cloud in terms of a computer hard drive that exists somewhere else and not locally. The universe is our cloud where all human thought is stored and accessed. We use our brains as almost wifi adapters to tap into this cloud and access our past, present, and maybe even the future. Our consciousness lives on within the cloud, never being able to be destroyed as it’s matter, and our souls swirl around the universe forever obtaining more experiences, more perspectives, more love, and more life. We all live on through the universe, connected as a single entity, all living together as members of the universe, cascading our entire soul back to where it all came from.


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